Use Openkore to have an advantage in PVP/WOE/PVM

Heya everyone~

This Guide is for everyone who wanna use his Openkore Bot in PVP/WOE/MVP/PVM w/e, and get a big advantage to other players.

I will not focus on any special class (e.g Champ to get him imba fast asura-ready)
I had this idea for many years, and now i made it, and everything works fine just as i have expected it.

This Guide was mainly written for the e*pvp community :

The original name of the Guide was “Wanna be really imba? Guide on how to use Openkore in PVP”

And i don’t do the too-imba things, because you would get the attention of the GMs though this, and this is no guide on how to ban your account ;P
With things that i write here, it is nearly impossible that anyone notices that your Bot is doing things for you.

WTF? What can my Bot do for me, what i cant do?

Go here: Online Reaction Time Test
Test your reaction.

Now think you are playing Ragnarok and you are in PVP, your reaction will be lower than your result on the page. Because of all the other players you have to look on, and if someone attacks you then, you need time to notice and react.

But what is if the bot would react for you? It would react in an nearly instant.

I will show you, how the bot will change the equipment for you, that have some advantages and is really useful:
On non Instant cast server: The bot change the equipment BEFORE you get hitten.

On Instant cast server: The bot will change the equipment sometimes BEFORE, sometimes AFTER the first attack . Depending on the server and your internet connection!

Equipment change, for what? -.-
I know here are some newbies that don’t know how good equipment change is, all good players that use battlemode, will use more than one base equipment, but different equipment sets for all situations, that can improve your defence a lot.


  1. Openkore:
  2. You need the macro plugin! Where to get? Search by yourself:… Openkore Board
  3. The whole thing is macro based, so you definitely need it!

Tell your bot u wanna play manual if you connect to the server, you do this with writing that in your control/macros.txt:

automacro AImanual {
	priority 1
	call AImanualON
	run-once 1

macro AImanualON {
	do ai manual #THE CONSOLE COMMAND
	release AImanual

So your bot now knows, he shouldn’t run around and do all those shit what he normally does…

But you also should do this configs in your control/configs.txt, just to be sure:

attackAuto 0
attackAuto_party 0
attackAuto_onlyWhenSafe 0
attackAuto_followTarget 0
attackAuto_inLockOnly 0

dcOnDeath 0
dcOnDualLogin 0
dcOnDisconnect 0
dcOnEmptyArrow 0
dcOnMute 0
dcOnPM 0
dcOnZeny 0
dcOnStorageFull 0
dcOnPlayer 0

itemsTakeAuto 0
itemsTakeAuto_party 0
itemsGatherAuto 0


route_escape_unknownMap 0
route_escape_reachedNoPortal 0
route_escape_randomWalk 0
route_randomWalk 0
route_randomWalk_inTown 0

route_teleport 0

teleportAuto_hp 0 #Only if you dont want, and/or if tele is not avaible on the PVP maps of your server.
teleportAuto_sp 0
teleportAuto_idle 0
teleportAuto_portal 0
teleportAuto_search 0

(I don’t know what config’s you set in your bot, but i recommend to change the above in your config.txt like i set it)

So next step:
Back to the macros.txt

So what you do if an Storm Gust is casted on you? You need an unfrozen, or water defence eq. (your choice)!
I Will explain you know the first imba-defence method.

automacro freeze {
	exclusive 1
	spell Storm Gust, Frost Nova, Frost Joke, Frost Diver, Hyousyouraku
	call defendfreeze
	run-once 1

macro defendfreeze {
	do eq #YOUR EXACT HEADGEAR NAME e.g +10 Fricca's Circlet, best if it is magic defence, because spells are the only noticeable things that appear in the console
	do eq #YOUR ANTI FREEZE/AQUA ARMOR, MDEF would be best.
	release freeze

This is just an example, you can use this on any other spells.
You have to always write your full equipment with full name! ( not how it in RO appears, but how it in the Openkore console appears!)

1. Why your full equipment?

  • Even if you just change your armor to prevent freeze, or change to Aqua armor, you have to write your full equipment, because if you don’t do it, and changed your Garment e.g before, you wont have your full anti-freeze equipment (you could use Marse Card in Garment).

2. Why MDEF?

  • Only if a message like “Blabla is casting Storm Gust ” or something appears in the console, you can prevent this with the right equipment.
    Only Skills are shown on this way in the console, so the best thing is to equip MDEF shit, you can get the highest defence against them with elemental armors, and they are mostly imba on pserver with instant cast and Spam JT e.g

3. Why [ ]?

  • The [ ] is to overwrite the timeout delay between macro commands, if you do the [ ] between commands, the bot will execute the commands as fast as possible, otherwise he would wait 1~ second after every command

4. Why exclusive 1?

  • Exclusive 1, no automacro can cancle this macro anymore.

So here one more, and that is enough, do the rest by yourself and learn.

That’s one complete anti-fire equipment set like I used it in the past. The both Unknown items were custom items or items that Openkore didn’t know, that’s a way on how to use these items even if Openkore don’t know them at the moment.

automacro fire {
	exclusive 1
	spell Fire Bolt, Meteor Storm, Kouenka
	call defendfire
	run-once 1
#Example eq:
macro defendfire {
	do eq +10 Fricca's Circlet
	do eq Unknown #30105 [Gibbet]
	do eq Unknown #30287 [Marduk]
	do eq +10 Valkyrja's Shield [Thara Frog] [1]
	do eq Ragamuffin Manteau
	do eq Odin's Blessing [Pasana] [1]
	do eq Crystal Pumps
	do eq Rosary [Horong] [1]
	do eq Rosary [Smokie] [1]
	release fire


All other elements you can defend on the same way, the only problem are element weapon attacks, the bot cant see the element of a weapon.
For normal attacks, that are mostly neutral element, you can use this::

automacro attack {
	priority 1
	console /attacks you/
	call defendattack
	run-once 1

macro defendattack {
#Same as above "do eq.." but with your equipment against physikal weapons
	release attack

For people that don’t mind what happen to their characters, you also can let your bot auto-pot while in manual AI (You can also use this while leveling)

useSelf_item White herb, Yellow Herb, Monster's Feed, Red Herb,White Potion, Mastela Fruit {
	hp < 70% #whatever you want
	notWhileSitting 0
	notInTown 0
	manualAI 1 #IMPORTANT!!

Why ppl can notice this?

See.. if you are near 70% i.g, and someone hit you, your bot IMMEDIATLY eat a Potion or something.
That is not normal :P

On the same way you can take Blue pots if your Sp runs out cuz of soulburn or something.

That’s really not normal if it happens more than one time that your bot eat Blue pots immediately after a soulburn.
I think that was all for now, i hope it was not too hard stuff for the most people.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Tell me if you find any errors.
Thanks for reading~

42 Responses to “Use Openkore to have an advantage in PVP/WOE/PVM”

  1. Qasther says:

    i want to ask….how to make it will change eq when i got hit by certain skill…and it will auto change after i got hit by other spell or normal atk… can i set all skill in too much..

  2. Ebil says:

    Its all written in my Guides…

  3. Electro says:

    How can a bot help out in pvp ? It is possible to launch openkore + RO client at the same time with the same account ?

  4. Rhina says:

    Hmm is this possible using ACTOOL?

    or Just MAcro Plugin instead i dont like using openkore. =(

  5. Vince says:

    I have a problem on executing Xkore in New Chaos Philippines, I dont know how many minutes my bot got terminated every WoE (while running Xkore) Theres only gameguard error popping up on my screen (but theres no description of the said error just a blank pop up thats all)

    Then I tried to use Hexed client (disable gameguard) while running Xkore but this time It doesnt show any error pop ups or message anymore only the game freeze or not moving (not only my char but the whole game) Hope that you can help me about my problem!

    Thnx in Advance

  6. Ebil says:

    Sorry I cant help cuz I dont play there and never had this problem :/

  7. Ebil says:

    Whatever is ACTOOL, I dont think its possible to use the macros with other things than the Openkore Macro plugin.

  8. Ebil says:

    If you would read my Guides, you would know how it can help, and Yes it is possible, but you have to activate xKore

  9. Sae says:

    Pro, one of the best guide i saw, and a cheating concept not very known and really not detectable.

    Nice you created this site, I hope you keep posting <3. (Even if it isn't very often, as long as the guides are as interesting as they are now.

  10. Ebil says:

    Thanks ;)
    And Yes its not often, one reason is that I dont play any server now, so i really cannot test anything. And dont want to setup one just for testing.

  11. Sae says:

    Come play with me <3.
    (if a french server don't bother you xDD)

  12. Ebil says:

    If it would be a Int. server I would try, but french… nooo, cant speak it or read it, would be boring ;D.

  13. khuankhuan says:

    Can you help me out, after i open openkore with XKore open and logged into the game using my game client, the response of the game client is rather slow compared to when i didn’t use openkore/xkore. Sometimes it even lags like it’ll never ends. Any solution to this? Help is much appreciated~

    By the way, Excellent website and work!! Best of the best guide i’ve ever seen =)

  14. Ebil says:

    Never had this problem, maybe wrong servertype?
    Or you PC is just too slow =o.

  15. khuankhuan says:

    It is a private server and my Xkore is set to 1. To be specific its not lag, there were delays when you try to move the character around or do any other things. I tried to play around with servertype but i cant find any that can lessen the delays.

    p/s: I don’t really think my PC slow is the problem xD

  16. Ebil says:

    Well, there are not many problems that i cant solve, but i never heard of something like that.
    Your timeouts.txt could be wrong, but i dont think so.
    You could try download a new openkore and just du raw config and try how it works.
    Many problems get solved by just reinstalling openkore, even if you do the exact same things, its really weird =o.

    Of course most PCs are not to slow to run RO and openkore at the same time. But Openkore is not really well programmed, it got huge system requirements for just a simple packed read/write program =o.

  17. khuankhuan says:

    I changed the recvpackets in the servers.txt inside Tables folder for the corresponding server into recvpackets-kRO-2009-02-25b.txt and it turns out the delay of the game gone!

    I not sure what happen though, mind to give some explanation here?

  18. Ebil says:

    Thats weird. You did extracted the right recvpackets from your exe? Because thats the one you should use.
    I never experienced that kind of problem if the recvpackets are wrong. Normally just he npcs and mob names are unknown And you cannot attack =o.

  19. khuankhuan says:

    I wasn’t using the correct recvpackets that were extracted from my exe, guess that’s why the game client become very delayed. Maybe you can add this into the guide as well =)

    Thanks anyway~ great job here~ will find you when i face another problem xD

  20. khuankhuan says:

    May i ask you another question? I did the same thing as you wrote in this guild:

    automacro aimanual {
    priority 0
    console /Welcome to 1MalaysiaRO !!/
    call aimanualon
    run-once 1

    macro aimanualon {
    pause 2
    do ai manual
    release aimanual

    However the automacro didn’t run itself when i connect using Xkore. The welcome tag appears to be green in colour in console. When i changed the welcome tag to something else that appear to be white colour in console it works! It is so weird @.@”

  21. Ebil says:

    And you are sure thats the exact string? I mean even that 1MalaysiaRO looks weird.
    You should just try

    console /Welcome to/

  22. khuankhuan says:

    Yeah i’m sure that’s the exact string, i copy from the console itself. It seems that anything appear before you load the map when use Xkore won’t trigger the automacro =\

  23. khuankhuan says:

    Ebil i need your help again xD

    How can i configure openkore to spam sonic blow in pvp? There’s no script/function that can returns the target of your last sonic blow and spam that skill accordingly. Any idea on how to make it work?

    I saw a SinX in a Atkspd 193 server can spam sonic blow up to 5-7 times, i’ve tried it using openkore to spam skill on monster and it works but i just cant find a way to do it on pvp =\


  24. Ebil says:

    Thats a problem I had on my own. And I dont know how to figure out the last target. I think openkore just cant do it.
    The sinx spammed sonicblow with wpe or rpe.

  25. khuankhuan says:

    Yeah.. but i saw people using bot to auto do fcp on other char.. maybe we can find something there =\

    Oh yea Ebil, do you know any method of duplicating items? *Good Game*

  26. Ebil says:

    Its a different thing if you use a skill on a partymember with a target name, or a unkown player.
    You really think I would tell you a way to duplicate items? Wouldnt run everyone around with dup items then? So where you be the sense of it ? =o

  27. Cheese says:

    Can you share RPE or WPE that has spamming filters that works on renewal servers??

    because my old wont work anymore… thx!

  28. Raini says:

    I’m impressed- thats what i was looking for ~

    I Would apreciate more of that hot Stuff ^-^


    fRO isn’t as bad as it sounds- I’m playing there to get some Stuff before the euRO accounts arrive with the transfer- almost everything is affordable there~


  29. Shitbrix says:

    ebil i got 190 ping on the server that im playing, my automacros are delay in action, it’s not as good as i expected.. any advice? i wan’t that imba fast asura-ready, but my char cast spells like

    Dangerous Soul Collect >>> 1 sec delay >>>> CriticalExplo >>>> 1 sec delay >>>> Dangerous Soul Collect

    its slower than manual pressing…. and i can’t call it imba…

    any advice?

  30. Ebil says:

    change the server… you cannot play on a server with that ping, and in no way you could be imba. Just imagine a ping of 190 is 1.9 seconds after you clicked o.O.

  31. Shitbrix says:

    lol 190 ping is not that bad bro…. i can be fast with my champ using my gaming keyboard… but i want to try it with xkore, i always have room for improvement…

    maybe my script is defective or something..

    wat u think man?

  32. ude_88 says:

    Why I’ve got this line for auto potion macros?

    “control\macros.txt: ignoring line ‘useSelf_item Yggdrasil Seed {‘

    And can you please explain to me at config.txt, what should I do other than :

    – Set XKore to 1
    – Set the config like you’ve shown above

    Or just that?

    I’ve enter the exeName for my server.
    exeName 1MRO.exe

    But, after I’m logging in, nothing happen at openkore window. Last line was

    “Please start the Ragnarok Online client ”

    Then, nothing happen after that..

    Thanks for your guide.

  33. Ebil says:

    useSelf_item is a config block and got nothing to do with macros. Maybe OK dont work with your server, or you did something wrong

  34. danzaga says:

    excuse me, i’m new here..
    i wanna ask about my configuration,
    i just tried this guide and i get an error.
    in the command box there was a red msg telling that the error is probably caused by the update of the server recently, or there are bugs in this program, or at one of the plugins.

    then i received a error.txt like this:

    OpenKore version 2.0.7 (Release Candidate)
    SVN revision: 6803
    Loaded plugins:
    plugins/ (macro)

    Error message:
    Can not load control file macros.txt

    Stack trace:
    Trace begun at D:\milzam\openkore-2.0.7\src\ line 393
    Settings::loadByHandle(47) called at D:\z\openkore-2.0.7\plugins\ line 58
    macro::onstart3(‘start3’, undef, undef) called at src\ line 444
    Plugins::callHook(‘start3’) called at src\ line 218
    main::loadDataFiles at src\ line 81
    main::mainLoop at src\ line 75
    Interface::mainLoop(‘Interface::Console::Win32=HASH(0xd7ab50)’) called at line 96
    main::__start at line 119

    Last line is:
    $filename = $object->{name} if (!defined $filename);
    * if ($object->{type} == CONTROL_FILE_TYPE) {

    my macros.txt set is:
    automacro freeze {
    exclusive 1
    spell StormGust, FrostNova, FrostJoke, FrostDiver, FingerOffensive
    call defendfreeze
    run-once 1
    macro defendfreeze {
    do eq glittering jacket [marc] [1]
    release freeze

    can you tell me whats wrong?
    i was so curious about what openkore can do for pvp^^

  35. Ebil says:

    Well if you do it like in my guide, everything is right.
    So there error must be in the plugin or somewhere else.
    And it says a file is missing. So got nothing to do with macro my macro.

  36. stalker says:

    already do in your toturial but..cannot login a same a bot ID…when play manually it not effect…how to make me can login a same ID ?

  37. stalker says:

    this mt other problem…
    1 )No such non-equipped Inventory Item:
    me already use id/name in Openkore console appears..
    but my bot don’t use it..

    2)when open bot the macro it ok..when open it manually
    cannot open same id at the same time..and macro cannot

    i’m play at superhighrate server and no cast..

  38. Ebil says:

    You have to be logged out of the game if you are using xkore, then start openkore with xkore and do what the console says.

  39. Ebil says:

    what do you mean?

  40. egoskynetz says:

    You have to be logged out of the game if you are using xkore, then start openkore with xkore and do what the console says.

    can u make a guide about it…hope for it..pls help are noob.

  41. ProFF7 says:

    Hi Ebil, congratulations for your guide, it inspired me into learning how to writte my own pvp macros :D

    On something I read above, It was being discussed on how to spam skills using openkore.

    Im not good enought with macros yet, but wouldnt something like this work?


    – When you use a skill you get something like this in console
    You are casting Bowling Bash on Player Agressor (8) (Delay: 420ms)

    – then trigger a automacro: console /You are casting Bowling Bash on/i

    – then using string analysis, and set Agressor , or player #8 as $Target (I didnt get to this part of macro writting yet, but Im pretty sure it is possible to analyze text in a way like this)

    – Then repeatedly and swiftly send the desired skill on $Target x number of times with SP command ( example sp 62 8 10 , would use bowling bash lv10 on player #8)

    Wouldnt something like this work? as I said Im still learning macro language, I will keep investigating and post if I find some way :D

    PS: Man you should make a forum for this, I for one would participate ;)

  42. Ebil says:

    Hey hey,

    I thought about the same thing some years ago :D
    I dont know if it works, I didnt tried it, and now I dont have really time to try those things anymore.
    Maybe in the future.
    You should check out regular expressions combined with the console command. (but reg exp is hard stuff)
    So you could isolate the player id.
    console (“” | //[i])
    Thats the syntax for the console command. There you find everything you need with regexp.
    Console set these variables:
    Set variables:

    $.lastLogMsg – the console text that trigerred the automacro.
    $.lastMatchN – backreference from regexp.

    That could give you (with the right regular expression) the player id.
    Im at work now and cannot try it sorry. If I find some time ill try it. But I dont have any server to play lol :D

    I thought about making a forum – but I dont think many people would actively participate. Especially some that not just ask :p

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