2862~ Guild Emblems

Here i got a Package of 3000~ Guild Emblems for RO, and want to give it to everyone.

Some of them are really good! Have fun with it.

And for everyone.. NO I dont have more Emblems^^.



6 Responses to “2862~ Guild Emblems”

  1. Ragnarok Guide Collection » Guild Emblems says:

    […] 2862~ Guild Emblems […]

  2. aish says:

    plzz give me some emblem

  3. Ebil says:

    Umm..you can download them o.o

  4. Zero says:

    dude awesome emblems thx yor awesome too!!!

  5. jb says:

    how do you put them in ragna?

  6. Ebil says:

    look for a guide at google … <_<

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